We believe in a mission…Two-iPhones-5

…to redefine the healthcare industry and improve processes to ensure faster and more qualitative care for patients, to utilize resources more efficient AND improve patient experience.


GNOSCO is a company based in Stockholm, surrounded by some of the best healthcare companies, experts, doctors and hospitals in the world. The company origins from two persons who want to change the health care industry, the way we work with patients and foremost – save life.

”We have worked on the first product Dermicus since early 2010, and it has been used by doctors since 2012. We are now really happpy to be able to provide a complete solution that help us on the journey to reach our common goal to fight skin cancer and to a reduce costs for the healthcare system.”

Is it a deeper meaning of the name GNOSCO? – yes it is! Gnosco is latin, and it means ”examine”, ”study”, ”learn” and ”recognise”. These all refer to the core of a doctor’s profession and care of the patients.


Best regards

Johan Heilborn and Daniel Eliasson