About us

Dermicus telemedicine platform was founded by Dr Johan Heilborn. Dr Heilborn identified from his work at the Karolinska Hospital, Sweden, that he could improve patient care and increase efficiency by using emerging mobile applications and digital platforms to improve the quality and speed of skin cancer diagnosis. Dr Heilborn also recognised that if such a solution was implemented, with strong training and with continuous learning from the start, clinicians would adopt the new technology. This commitment to easy implementation, training and continuous education remains at the heart of Gnosco today.

NOW Gnosco is a fast growing company within the global digital health industry. The team is constantly growing and based in several locations. Also wound, and specifically slow healing wound, is added as an area of focus for Gnosco. Due to that fact that Gnosco has been active on the Swedish market for so long, a lot of structured data is already gathered. This data is now the basis for ongoing AI development features and products. The future lies ahead and we continue to strive for our mission to prevent unnecessary death, set correct diagnosis and do it more efficiently than today.

Our Services
Dermicus Diagnostic Support

Gnosco offer a digital diagnostic support platform for faster and more secure diagnosis of skin lesions and wounds. The CE-certified platform, Dermicus, provides a faster and more efficient medical process, improved patient experience and is specifically aimed for communication between healthcare providers. In addition, Dermicus is also a continuous E-learning platform for doctors and nurses. Total costs are decreased due to fewer excisions and less physical referrals to specialists, but most important diagnoses are set much faster than before.

Dermicus Education

Gnosco offer an education program for both First Line Clinicians (General Practitioners) and Dermatology Specialists. The program aims to improve knowledge about Malignant Melanoma and other related skin-diseases. The education program consist of online course, face-to-face course, and continuous learning.

Latest news
June 28, 2018
Gnosco attending British Association of Dermatologists annual meeting
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May 27, 2018
Launch of Dermicus NEW mobile application
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January 10, 2018
New AI project together with KTH and Karolinska University Hospital
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November 28, 2017
Partnership with Swedish Registries of Ulcer Treatment
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